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Tyler C I've met my favorite people because of Crushee. I seriously cherish every single one of them
Nelson M It combines the old school internet feeling and the newness of social networks, perfect :-)
Maggie H at first this site overwhelmed me, i felt like i would have a tough time adjusting & figuring it out. Now, going on my first month of being an active member & attending a couple of nightswims i finally feel like i've found a "real" site. Everyone interacts & for the most part this place is ~*drama free*~ (curls up & dies of embarrassment)
Jenny P I flew across oceans to meet people that i met on Crushee... this is the most entertaining site <3 ALSO NACHOS...
Giovanna B I love Crushee because sex. Nightswim. Gifs.
Joe G Seriously this is the only place where I can talk to people when I first wake up, and not be cranky. Your faces, they're just too cute to be cranky towards!
Charlie S Crushee is like showing up to a BBQ where all your insanely hot best friends (that you've sometimes never even met) hand you drinks and cats and everyone laughs until eventually someone orders pizza.
Ales K Crushee, when used right, is a synchronicity generator. Enter it and ask for something. Ask for an adventure. Ask for a new person. Embrace the possibilities it offers. I felt this way as I became an active member of the site, and I still feel this way now, a year later.

Crushee significantly helped me transform my 2013 into a thing of beauty where new connections and new people flowed within my life. I discovered new mysteries, new magic and new astonishing human beings through it.

Crushee Is A New Social Network For Best Friends That Haven't Met Yet

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